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Who do you buy a domain name from?

Wondering who do you buy a domain name from? Learn about domain name registrars, the many different services they offer and how they can help get your dream .CA up and running for real.
By Kira Taylor

Let’s set the scene: you’re ready to embark on your .CA journey. Now, where do you buy your domain name? Those friendly CIRA folks?  

Well, no. While our job—sorry, mission—is to manage the entire .CA registry and build a better internet for Canadians, we don’t actually sell .CA domain names.  

Okay—so, where do I buy .CA domains?  

Enter the domain name registrar!  

They’re responsible for registering and reserving domain names for registrants (a.k.a., you.).  

In the grand scheme of things, domain name registrars play a pivotal role in taking your .CA dreams and making them a reality…for an annual fee, of course. 

Use our domain search tool below to find an available .CA domain and find the right .CA registrar for you!

A .CA domain declares your business is proudly Canadian

Can anyone become a domain registrar?  

Not just anyone. This isn’t like selling bootleg Ottawa Senators toques out of a storage locker (not that we know anything about that!).  

All .CA domain name registrars must apply, meet Canadian presence requirements and be fully up-to-standard from both a policy and technical standpoint.  

That way, you can shop for your .CA with confidence, and know you’re dealing with legitimate Canadian companies that won’t just disappear overnight.  

Purchasing a .CA domain from a registrar

First—you’ll need to pick a registrar. Start with our list of accredited, CIRA-certified registrars and take the time to do a little comparing and shopping around!  As you’ll see, registrars can come in many different flavours—each with their own pricing and services offered.  

Several, like GoDaddy, Web Hosting Canada and offer domains along with hosting, website builders, business email, marketing tools—and more. So, keep in mind what services you might need to get your website up and running.  

But before you get too far down the line—here are 10 things to know BEFORE registering your .CA domain. You’ll find pearls of CIRA wisdom on everything from naming your domain and guarding against scams, to getting the best deal.  

Once you feel ready to shoot the puck and purchase, follow our step-by-step .CA domain buying guide to glory!  

Once you have your .CA domain in hand, you’ll likely want to create and publish a website, no? Want to know which website builder platform to choose? We’ve compared all the most popular website platforms in one place, and laid out all the features, benefits, pros and cons—so you can pick what works best for you.  

About the author
Kira Taylor

Kira is the Marketing & Channel Specialist at CIRA. She focuses on content, digital marketing and channel strategies to help Canadian business owners make the right domain choice for their business website so they can find success online.