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Top 10 tidbits about Canadians and the internet

Want to know what Canadians get up to online? Check out Canada's Internet Factbook 2018.
By Alison Gareau
Communications Manager

Want to know what Canadians get up to online? Check out Canada’s Internet Factbook 2018.

Canada’s Internet Factbook 2018 is now available, with stats about Canada’s internet and Canadian’s perceptions and experiences online. Below are some of the tidbits that stood out to me.

1) Netflix reigns supreme.

Compared to other online subscription services, Netflix is the most popular with 53 per cent of Canadians with home internet access noting they subscribe. Spotify is next with 16 per cent, then Apple Music at 12 per cent, Crave TV at 9 per cent, and newspapers and magazines at 8 and 4 per cent. Not measured in our research: How many Canadians are mooching their Netflix subscription from their parents.

2) We like to use our mobile phone to shop online.

In 2014, only 12 per cent of Canadians used a mobile device to shop online. Now it’s 40 per cent. So get out your iPhone or Android and get shopping (on a .CA website of course!).

3) We order our poutine online.

Admittedly, I don’t know for certain that it’s poutine, but ordering food online is growing in popularity in Canada. Two years ago, only 14 per cent of Canadians had ordered food online, but this year nearly a quarter of Canadians say they have. Go ahead, get your food on…line.

4) Alexa – you’re growing on us.

Ok Google! Alexa! We’re getting to know you, with three quarters of Canadians aware of what a connected-home device is, up from just 55 per cent last year. However, we’re not quite ready for a commitment, with only a third of Canadians interested in buying one.

5) Oh Canada! We like to support our fellow Canadians.

When it comes to shopping online, we prefer a Canadian business. At least, 62 per cent of us do. Hmmm, with a stat like that, what are you doing using a .com instead of .CA? Show visitors of your website that you’re Canadian by choosing Canada’s domain – .CA!

6) We’re worried about our personal information online.

While we’re happy to get our selfies out there (using social media is one of Canada’s favourite online activities – keep ’em coming Justin Trudeau!), 77 per cent of Canadians are concerned about cyberattacks against organizations that may have access to personal information. Of organizations who’ve experienced a cyberattack, Equifax was top of mind for Canadians.

7) Facebook is king (queen?).

When asked which platforms Canadians use, Facebook was noted by 77 per cent of Canadians. LinkedIn and Instagram were noted by 35 per cent, followed by Twitter at 26 per cent and Snapchat at 19 per cent. Of course, we all know age matters online. The youngsters (18-34 year olds) are super users of Instagram with 59 per cent noting it and 46 per cent noting Snapchat.

8) A small percentage of us arrr accessing pirated material online.

14 per cent of Canadians admit to accessing pirated material online. Cost and convenience are noted reasons, as are the fact that content isn’t always available in Canada or in real-time, or is sometimes only accessible with a cable package. I wonder how much that stat would drop if Game of Thrones was more easily accessible online in Canada?

9) If you get hacked, we’re out.

Well, sort of. When asked if they’d continue to purchase from a business or give to a charity following a cyberattack, 41% and 43% of Canadians said no. I hope your website is secure! If not, have you heard of D-Zone Anycast Firewall?

10) Sometimes we just need to unplug.

Half of Canadians say they like to disconnect from the internet to take a digital break, participate in hobbies offline, or when on vacation. With the sun finally out these days, maybe a little offline time is overdue. But how will we stay caught up on our Netflix?

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Alison Gareau

Alison Gareau manages corporate communications for CIRA. She has worked within non-profit organizations throughout her career and has expertise in business communications, branding, change management and public relations.