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While CIRA is best known for managing the .CA domain registry, we also have a mandate to do good things for the internet in Canada.


Funds from .CA sales help improve Canada’s internet. Here’s how. 

Five ways CIRA gives back

1. CIRA Grants

Each year we invest over $1 million in grants to community-led internet projects across Canada. 

2. Internet Exchange Points

We support regional connection hubs that keep traffic inside Canada to make our internet faster, cheaper, and more resilient.

3. CIRA Canadian Shield 

Our free cybersecurity service protects Canadian households against phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks.  

4. Canadian Internet Governance Forum

CIRA works with partners to convene Canada’s leading annual forum on internet policy issues.

5. CIRA Internet Performance Test

Our test helps Canadians measure their internet speeds and heat map connectivity in their region.