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Statement from CIRA

UPDATE (Sept. 11, 2019): Following an investigation into the email described below, CIRA’s Returning Officer has removed the Director, Alex Beraskow, as a member nominee on the basis that his actions constituted a breach of CIRA’s policies, rules and procedures. As a result, this member nominee will not participate any further in this year’s election process.  

In addition, since this statement was first issued, another member nominee, William Stewart, was also disqualified from this year’s election after violating CIRA’s election policies.

You can see the full list of remaining member nominees here.

ORIGINAL POST (Aug. 27, 2019): It has come to our attention that some CIRA members may have received an email from one of our Directors.

While the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act specifically allows Directors and members to have access to the list of members for a narrow set of activities, the content of the email and the survey were not sanctioned by CIRA and are not official CIRA communications.

We will continue to investigate this matter to determine if any further action is required.