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Add a little Canada to your website

Stock photography. It's weird. It's boring. It's full of oddly happy people staring at screens.

However, when you're building your website, stock photography is sometimes a necessity. While having original, custom images is always best (and a .CA domain to go with them), we understand that sometimes you just need a picture of someone staring at an iPad (or a moose skateboarding).

Good news! We're here to help, and we're keeping it Canadian!

Our Canadian Stock Photo library is full of original, maple syrup-infused photography that is free to use and share! All we ask is that you credit CIRA/.CA domains whenever you use our photos and you are free to build as many websites, memes, and annual reports as you like.


Hockey player checks out lumberjack while woman in Canadian tuxedo scowls

Where can I use these?

Anywhere! Any website, social media post, beer label or report you like. Just please give us credit.

What do you mean credit?

We ask that you include a photo credit. Something like Photo by CIRA/.CA. If you could link back to us that would be great too

Can I share them on social media?

Yes, in fact, would you please?

What sizes do you offer?

We are providing small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for all your stock photography needs. We do ask that you give us your email address to download the extra-large 4k files.

Seriously, these are free?

Yup, like health care or love.

Who is that moose and is he available for parties?

Mordecai is currently booking for 2025.

I’m an American, can I use your photos?

Only if you ask nicely.

I made a sweet website/poster/craft beer label/ with your photos, would you like to see it?

Absolutely! If you use your photos we’d love to see what you made. Send us a tweet @ciranews and we’ll share your Canadian creation! Note: please send craft beer samples to our corporate office c/o The Marketing Department.

I would like to contribute to your stock image project. Can I?

Absolutely! We are looking for talented Canadian photographers to help us expand our uniquely Canadian stock photo library. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.