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Register your .CA

Purchasing a .CA domain name is quick and easy. Keep these helpful tips in mind throughout the registration process.

    You can find out if a domain name is available by searching at the top of this page. If it's not available, try selecting a suggested alternative that appears, or search again.

    Bringing your business online

    If you’re still stuck, our free guide, Bringing your business online: How to choose a domain name and more, provides some more in-depth information about domain names and helps guide you through the registration process.

    Choose a registrar

    Select a company that meets your needs and price point, depending on what you want to do with your domain.

    Learn more about CIRA's role in managing .CA domain names.

    What is a registrar?

    Although CIRA manages the .CA registry, domain names are purchased through registrars (view a full list of .CA Certified Registrars). Your registrar is your main point of contact for any domain issues or questions.

    You can also purchase a .CA through a reseller, an official agent of a registrar. Many DIY website builders operate as domain resellers. This doesn't have much impact on you, but CIRA may have a different company on file as the official registrar.

    Tips for choosing a registrar

    1. Determine which services you require

    You may want services like email hosting or support offered in French, so find out what each registrar offers. Remember, if you registered your .CA domain name as an individual you have free WHOIS privacy protection already included.

    2. Shop around

    Shop around to get a good understanding of how much your domain name, and additional services, will cost. Registrars may offer bundles, packages, or special promotions. Keep in mind that cheapest isn’t always necessarily best.

    3. Check references

    Seek out customer reviews and testimonials, and ask friends or colleagues for a recommendation. You may find that some registrars come highly recommended by your peers. If you make a mistake, you can always transfer your .CA domain to another registrar.

    Securing your .CA 

    Once you’ve chosen a registrar, consider the following additional tips for protecting your .CA domain.

    • Always register the domain name yourself

      Never let third parties, such as a marketing agency, complete a registration on your behalf. This can become a problem if you part ways and no longer have access to the account managing your domain name.

    • Choose a strong password

      Use a unique password for your registrar account to provide an additional layer of security to your domain name. Never provide this information to third parties, including your hosting company. The password should be changed on a regular basis.

    • Provide the updated contact information

      CIRA and registrars only communicate with the registrant and administrative contacts provided during the registration process. If this information is not accurate, you might not receive important information about your domain name.

    • Choose a registration term length that works for you

      You can register a domain name from one to 10 years at a time. A longer registration period, combined with setting up auto-renewal with your registrar, can help you ensure your .CA domain name remains registered and active.

    • Register common variations of your name

      If your company or product is commonly misspelled, register the alternate domain names and forward them to your primary website. This helps protect your brand identity and ensures no one else can register these domain names.

    • Register a .CA with French-accented characters

      The .CA domain registry supports French accented characters within domain names: é, ë, ê, è, â, à, æ, ô, œ, ù, û, ü, ç, î, ï, ÿ. When a .CA domain name is registered, all variations with accented characters are reserved for the original registrant exclusively.

    • Whitelist the email addresses of your service providers

      To ensure anti-spam software does not filter out important messages regarding your domain name, add CIRA, your registrar and other service providers such as your web host and email provider to your email whitelist.

    • Protect your domain

      Your .CA domain name should be protected like any other asset. A domain name is responsible for a lot of important things. Websites, applications, email and more. Check out our Ultimate Domain Name Security Checklist for more.