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.CA Insights Report – Q1 2021

What’s inside this report

Everything you always wanted to know about Canada’s domain

The .CA Insights report is a complete look at what’s happening in the world of the .CA domain. We’ll answer your burning questions like, how many .CA domains are registered, trending keywords for domains and what the top visited .CA websites are.

In 2021, many Canadian businesses have pivoted online to stay afloat. More than ever, Canadians are choosing a .CA domain name for their local businesses as it is the only domain name that identifies a website as 100% Canadian.

And, humble brag…we’re proud to be a part of building a better internet for Canada because with each .CA purchase we are investing back into communities across the country to make the internet better for us all.

About the data

This report is created using a combination of .CA Registry data, third-party vendors, and publicly available data.

.CA Registry data is accumulated through the collection of Registrant data. A Registrant is defined as any person who registers a .CA domain name with CIRA. This information is presented anonymously and in aggregate within this report.

Third-party vendor data is provided to CIRA through proprietary agreements and is presented anonymously and in aggregate within this report.

Links to all publicly available data are provided within the report.

Provincial index figures are estimations. They are calculated using Statistics Canada estimates for provincial populations and the approximate number of domains per province at the time of the report’s release.

  • Provincial populations are estimated by Statistics Canada. For more information on Statistics Canada methodology, please visit their website.
  • Number of domains is rounded to the nearest thousand to account for changes in the data. This data represents an approximation of the current number of domains in each province.

Domain status and CMS usage is considered to be an estimation of the approximate percentage of domains associated with each category. Domain status data is considered to be in “beta” and information may be subject to change in later reports. This information is provided through our third-party vendor, DataProvider.

.CA domains under management

Here are some trends in the top ranked keywords of .CA domain registrations this quarter:


Canadian businesses are choosing .CA for their online stores more than ever before.

Keywords: business, shop, products, services


.CA owners are proud to show off where they’re from online, and who can blame them?

Keywords: Canada, BC, Toronto, Ontario


Canadians are taking advantage of online communities to keep in touch during the pandemic.

Keywords: news, community, blog, follow

Provincial index

Top visited .CA websites in Canada

Status of .CA domains

CMS platforms used by .CA domains

.CA domains – the long and short of it

.CA domain security


of active .CA domains have an SSL certificate.
Source: DataProvider, April 2021


of all .CA domains have DNSSEC.
Source: .CA Registry Data.

Badness index ranking

Aftermarket – top .CA resales

Here were some of the top publicly announced sales from the quarter:




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Note: All prices are in USD.
Source: Namebio, January – March 2021.

To Be Released

To Be Released (TBR) is the process by which CIRA releases all expired .CA domains back for general registration, often referred to as “the drop” in the domain industry.


Total domains in TBR
(March 2021) Source: .CA Registry Data.

784 (2.42%)

Total registered in TBR sessions
(March 2021) Source: .CA Registry Data.

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What is CIRA?

We are Canada’s internet. CIRA is a member-based not-for-profit organization, best known for managing the .CA internet domain on behalf of all Canadians, developing and implementing policies that support Canada’s internet community and representing the .CA registry internationally.

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