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CIRA’s board: a six month update

By Julie Lépine
Manager, Membership Relations

The board plays an important role in CIRA’s mission to build a trusted internet for Canadians, keeping the organization on track and responsibly on behalf of our stakeholders. Meeting minutes provide a behind-the-scenes journey of the board’s oversight of our work throughout the year.

No doubt reading board minutes is not at the top of your to do list. So, we’ve created this handy recap highlighting what CIRA’s board has been up to for the last six months. We hope this summary is informative for even our busiest stakeholders.

Highlights of recent board meeting discussions and approvals

October 18

Being the first board meeting following the election of directors, the meeting largely focused on the introduction of the newly elected board member to the rest of the board team, the appointment of the board Chair and officers and the constitution of board committees. It also included a review of the annual corporate calendar, which outlines the proposed board meeting schedule for the upcoming year including the date of CIRA’s annual general meeting.

November 22

Typically held as a two-day meeting with the first day being an orientation for new directors and refresher for current directors, the Chair lead the meeting by reiterating CIRA’s established board culture. CIRA’s board supports open and constructive dialogue around the board room table where all board members can contribute and debate.

Staff provided the board with a general update on recent CIRA activities, the regulatory landscape, advocacy work related to Bill C-26 and trends in the domain name industry.

A policy related to Bank Signing Authority was presented to the board by the Chair of the Finance, Audit, Investment and Risk Management (FAIR) committee for approval. The co-Chairs of the Community Investment Committee also sought approval for the allocation of a $250K grant to National Capital FreeNet and the reappointment of the Grants evaluation panel for the upcoming grants cycle. All were subsequently approved.

Related to the recent governance activities held in the September, the Chair provided a brief overview of the 2023 AGM, including the positive feedback from members regarding the new format of the meeting and confirmed that staff would be working to incorporate improvements where needed for the 2024 AGM. The Returning Officer’s report for the 2023 board election was provided for review and the officer’s re-appointed for the 2024 election cycle was also approved.

Haven’t gotten your fill of board activities? Learn more about CIRA’s board, governance and transparency. You can also check out our previous blog that highlights the board’s activities from the first six months of the year!


About the author
Julie Lépine

As the Manager of Membership Relations at CIRA, Julie manages the development, planning and delivery of CIRA’s membership and Member-related activities and engagement. She strives to create opportunities for Members and consumers, and partners to share, connect, and learn and get the most out of their relationship with CIRA.