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What is WHOIS?

“WHOIS” is an online directory service that allows people to look up information about domain names. CIRA maintains a WHOIS directory which permits queries to the .CA (Canada’s country code top-level domain) registry database.

What domain information does WHOIS display?

When doing a WHOIS lookup, you can find details such as:

  • Status (i.e. if a domain is currently available or registered)

  • The creation, expiry, and updated dates

  • Registrar name

  • Registrant name*

  • Administrative and technical contact information*

*The registrant name and administrative and technical contact information of non-individual registrants, such as corporations, is displayed by default. The registrant name and administrative and technical contact information of individual registrants, such as Canadian citizens or permanent residents is not displayed in WHOIS.

How to contact a registrant –
how the Message Delivery form works

If you wish to contact a registrant whose information is not displayed in WHOIS, you may use the online Message Delivery form which will allow you to send a message to a domain registrant with CIRA maintaining their anonymity.

Upon completing the form, your message will be forwarded to the registrant’s Administrative Contact email address as provided by the registrant. CIRA cannot guarantee that messages will be received, read and/or responded to by the recipient.