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Optimize your .CA

Your .CA domain name has been successfully registered. Now what?
By Meghan Graham
Digital Marketing Manager

Get a custom email address

Add a layer of professionalism to your emails.

Your .CA domain name can be used for personalized email addresses (like [email protected]), meaning you don’t have to fight for usernames with popular email services.

Build a website


Creating a website is the most obvious use for your domain name.

A great place to start looking for hosting and content management system (CMS) services are registrars. Many offer bundles with a domain name purchase. However, make sure to shop around and find a hosting company that works for your needs.

Once you have a hosting provider, you can start building your website, or hire someone to do it for you. Not sure what to do? Check out our blog post on whether to build a website yourself or hire a professional.

Learn more about how you can build websites on these popular platforms:

Already have a Wix site? Learn how to connect your .CA domain name to Wix.

Protect your .CA domain name

Your .CA domain name should be protected like any other asset.

CIRA has developed security products and initiatives to help .CA holders secure their domain. These include:

  • CIRA verifies each .CA holder’s information to safeguard their domain name and protect the .CA registry. It’s important that you keep this information up-to-date through your registrar.
  • .CA Registry Lock is a service that implements locks on your domain name that only CIRA can remove, protecting you from domain name hijacking.
  • DNSSEC: A set of extensions used to add an additional layer of security to the Domain Name System.
  • SSL Certificate: An SSL certificate authenticates the identity of a website and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser by encrypting information such as passwords.

Don’t let your domain name expire

Domain names are registered on an annual basis.

When you register a domain name, you can register it from one year to ten years. It is recommended to register your domain name for more than one year so that you don’t have to remember to renew it on an annual basis.

Learn more about the .CA domain name life cycle and see when your domain will expire and what happens if it does.



Transfer your domain

You can transfer your domain name to a different registrar.

If you find a registrar is not meeting your needs or if you would like to manage all your domain names through one registrar, you can transfer your .CA domain name to another registrar.


Become a CIRA Member

Membership is free and open to any .CA holder

A CIRA membership offers you a voice in the development of the internet in Canada and an impact on the everyday lives of Canadians. As a member, you can participate in local networking events, influence the direction of CIRA, voice your opinion, and stay up to date on industry issues that affect Canadians every day.

Learn more about becoming a member



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About the author
Meghan Graham

Meghan Graham is the Digital Marketing Manager at CIRA. She brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications in non-profit, technology, SaaS, and UX. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Ottawa joint program with Algonquin College.